About. Digital Image Manipulation and Digital Image Retouching services

Simon Steed aka The Retoucher offers his skills as a digital photo retoucher for a wide range of clients providing fashion, beauty and product image retouching.

He works with a wide range of photographers as well as graphic designers, ad agencies and repro houses in the UK and internationally.

Retouching is an essential and often neglected part of the photographic post production of which Simon immensely enjoys and is happy to help others that are less fortunate to have the skills of which Simon himself is now mastering the art of.

Working from a state of the art retouching studio in England, Simon Steed (The Retoucher) receive high resolution files from his clients in many formats including RAW, TIFF, Photoshop, Jpeg and many more through dedicated FTP connections via high speed broadband. This enables Simon to be available to his clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As a result, clients of The Retoucher value this service especially when tight deadlines need to be met. Once the images have been retouched, the clients download them from our ultra fast dedicated FTP server.

What is Photo Retouching?

Photo retouching is used by almost all professional photographers today. It adds that polished, well finished look to enhance a shot that has so much more appeal than the original.

Take the picture of the gorgeous Becky below, if you hold your mouse over the image, you can see the before and after versions. Notice how subtle the changes are but how powerful the final image is, however look how natural she still looks.

Digital Image Manuipulation by theretoucher.net

Photo retouching through digital cosmetic surgery can simulate many different things to an image:

  • A facelift
  • Haircuts
  • Smooth away wrinkles
  • Fix double chins
  • Clear up skin blemishes (ache, moles, reddened skin)
  • Tidy up messy hair
  • Nose jobs
  • plus many more

Hair color and clothing can also be adjusted. Body slimming, such as a tummy tuck or straightening a rounded back or shoulders, is not impossible and frequently asked for.

Red eye can be removed, and teeth can be straightened and whitened.

Eyelashes can be extended, and facial features can be enhanced. Skin tone and texture can be improved, and make-up can even be added. A soft filter can even be applied for a glamour look.

Other terms for photo retouching are: image edit, photo edit, photo restore, photo enhance, colour retouch, photo repair, photo correction, picture retouching.